41 Percent Support Online Poker; 42 Percent Opposed in Recent Poll

by Lou on April 21, 2011

Despite all the publicity surrounding the DOJ’s seizure of online poker sites and the indictments issued against many of their principals, a released independent public opinion poll on in-home and online gambling by Rasmussen Reports LLC finds that 41 percent support online poker, while 42 percent oppose it.  That’s neck-and-neck.

Highlights from the survey of 1,000 U.S. Adults:

  • 61% of American Adults believe individuals should be allowed to play poker or other games for money in their home or a friend’s home; 22% disagree.
  • 41% say individuals should be allowed to play poker or other games for money on the Internet; 42% say no.
  • 7% of Americans who use the Internet at least once a week have played poker or some other game for money online; 93% have not.
  • Men feel much more strongly than women that people should be able to play poker for money at home and online.
  • Support for gambling at home and online is much lower among adults age 65 and older than it is among those who are younger.

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Tim April 22, 2011 at 12:17 pm

That’s not really surprising given that most people (who don’t play poker) just consider it gambling. Even if they removed “or other games” from the question it would probably yield the same response.

As for the 22% who don’t think people should be able to play live poker in their own home – screw them!

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