Clonie Gowen’s Lawsuite Against Full Tilt Reinstated by Court of Appeals

by Lou on June 14, 2011

Sometimes, just when you think old news is dead and buried, it has a nasty habit of rising up again as it did recently when a US circuit court of appeals ruled that Clonie Gowen’s lawsuit against Full Tilt’s software company Tiltware was wrongly dismissed.   The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that US District Judge Robert Jones of Las Vegas erred in dismissing Gowen’s breach of contract claim.

Gowen, who was once a member of Team Full Tilt, claimed breach of contract against founders Ray Bitar and Howard Lederer, along with fraud and negligent misrepresentation. While all of those charges were initially dismissed, the 9th Circuit’s ruling reopens her case.

Gowen alleged that Tiltware violated promises to give her a 1 percent ownership stake in the company once it became profitable in exchange for using her celebrity status to promote the Full Tilt brand. The ruling means she can proceed on her breach of contract and misrepresentation claims.

Even if she wins, it might be a Pyrrhic victory, given the fact that Full Tilt is besieged with financial problems, and Gowen’s lawsuit, if successful, might just be another nail in the Full Tilt coffin.  Another way of looking at things is that one percent ownership might have looked like a sparkling chunk of change when this case was first filed, but with things the way they are now, one percent is looking like a lot less.

While Clonie Gowan ought to be pleased that she can proceed with her lawsuit, she really shouldn’t count on the leprechauns dropping off a pot of gold anytime soon.

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Steve Hobbs July 6, 2011 at 4:49 am

Full Tilt, in my opinion, is the biggest fraud operation since Madoff. Starting with defrauding Cloney Gowan out of 1%, which she clearly deserved for promoting FT on their promise of 1% ownershp. It has continued on with not paying U.S. layers their money owed. All involved should be thrown in jail FIRST, then, have them try and talk their way out, including the pro players who did collect their 1% dividend checks. They are purp’s of the fraud, as well, for supporting Full Tilt. France has just suspended FT’s license, due to FT’s inability to pay as one of the reasons. Full Tilt is just a big fraud operation, in my humble opinion.

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