Jersey Boys Strike Back

by Lou on July 31, 2011

In a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder, NJ Senator Raymond J. Lesniak (pictured left)—he’s the guy who sponsored New Jersey’s proposed Internet gambling legislation—wrote, “…New Jersey should not be impeded in any manner from exercising our rights under our state constitution and under federal law.”

Lesniak’s letter was sent after US Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl wrote to Holder, asking that  DOJ stop state efforts to pass intrastate online gambling.  Reid and Kyl both claim intrastate online gaming violates the 1961 Wire Act.

In his letter, Lesniak pointed to this wording in the Wire Act that states, “The term ‘unlawful Internet gambling’ does not include placing, receiving, or otherwise transmitting a bet or wager where…the bet or wager is initiated and received or otherwise made exclusively within a single State.”

Although Governor Chris Christie vetoed Lesniak’s bill earlier this year, both the governor and legislature have said that they want to make New Jersey the first state in the US to legalize Internet gambling, and a new bill aimed at accomplishing that should be introduced later this year.

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