Installation Day

by Lou on December 6, 2011

Sunday was “Installation Day” for me.  I got a new PC to replace my existing computer, which was nearing five years old and sounding like a bad used car whenever I turned it on. So I ordered a new Dell and spent the day loading software and transferring files, while running back and forth to my laptop that was on the dining room table, where I was editing the upcoming issue of Poker Player Newspaper, which was set to go to the printer.

I’m also in the process of saying goodbye to my old Verizon landline phone. I installed Ooma yesterday and the sound quality is terrific. I am in the process of porting my existing landline phone number from Verizon over to Ooma, which reportedly takes three weeks to complete. When that’s done I can say goodbye to landline phone bills, yet still have a landline phone for just a couple of bucks a month in taxes.

I had initially planned on getting Magic Jack, but everyone I know who has one complains about the sound quality and truncated conversations, but everyone on the BARGE list who commented had nothing but good things to say about Ooma—so I got one, installed it, and now I’m just waiting until I’m able to cut the cord with Verizon.

It was a tiring day, but the end result was worth it. Now I’m busily getting used to Windows 7, which is quite a bit cooler than Windows XP (lucky me: I completely avoided Windows Vista).

In the end, the only software I didn’t bother to install on my new computer were online poker sites.  Why bother?  ::sigh::

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