Former FBI Director Urges Passage of Federal Online Gaming Laws

by Lou on February 20, 2012

In an op-ed piece appearing in last Friday’s Washington Examiner, former FBI director Louis Freeh and former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge urged congress to pass federal internet gambling legislation.

Their arguments were twofold. Because internet gambling involves millions of Americans but now takes place outside of a protected and regulated environment, it should be regulated and taxed.

Their more compelling argument is that individual states lack the law enforcement tools to effectively police gambling in a borderless Internet. Freeh and Ridge point to the fact that if online gambling were implemented on a state by state basis, there’d be 50 different sets of online gambling laws applied in a borderless environment.

The arguments aren’t new, but the fact that their coming from America’s former Homeland Security Secretary and former FBI director are.  Will this have any weight in the battle to reestablish online poker in the United States?  It certainly can’t hurt, but I’m not hopeful of any federal action until after the next presidential election at the earliest.

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