Iowa to Consider Online Poker Bill

by Lou on February 9, 2012

Online poker down on the farm?  That’s what Iowa state senator Jeff Danielson wants and he will propose a bill within a few weeks that would regulate online poker in the Hawkeye State.

Danielson’s proposal follows the US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) positional flip-flop on the 1961 Wire Act, which is now interpreted as applying only to sports betting. The DoJ’s ruling “took a significant hurdle away from the ability to play poker online,” Danielson said.

“We believe by the end of this year you will see a handful of states continue to authorize it,” Danielson said. “Because of the DoJ’s opinion, we believe you’ll see very quickly multi-state compacts.

A recent study estimated that online poker in Iowa could generate anywhere from $13 to $60 million in one year, which would result in $3 to $13 million in tax revenues for the state. But Danielson said that money is not necessarily the impetus for passing online poker legislation.

Danielson’s online poker proposal will not be a slam dunk, at least not according to state representative Jeff Kaufmann, who has vowed to fight it.”  So will this be another hopeful effort to get online gaming off the ground, or another failed effort?  Stay tuned.  It’s game on … almost!

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