Kudos to Krieger

by Lou on January 26, 2011

Top Poker Blogs

This is “kudos to Krieger” week.  My blog has been listed in the top 100 poker blogs, which you can find at Michael Duchesne’s http://www.managementdegree.com/top-100-poker-blogs, or if you just want to follow my posts about the world of poker, please check my blog out at www.loukrieger.com.  The blog will also link you to www.roundersradio.com, where I have a weekly, webcast radio show that talks about all things poker-related, as well as a link to www.pokerology.com, which contains a unique, e-learning poker school that’s free to everyone.  I contribute articles and lessons to that site, along with some of the best poker minds in the world.

Duchesne’s site is well worth visiting.  You’ll be introduced to a wide variety of poker-related blogs, some familiar, and some that will probably be new to you.  It’s a nice place to go to find more poker blogs than most people will be able to read on a daily basis, but there’s plenty there to chew on if you’re hungry for the best blogs in poker.

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