Barry Greenstein Claims Obama Supports Online Poker … but I Don’t See Any Evidence. Do You?

by Lou on May 11, 2012

Card Player Magazine reported that poker professional and Hall of Famer Barry Greenstein tweeted in an attempt to link President Obama’s announcement in support of same-sex marriage to the plight of ostracized poker players.

Greenstein said that the president supports efforts to legalize online poker, but just won’t admit it.

While I respect Barry’s reputation in the poker community, his statement seems silly and somewhat misguided.  Even if Obama believes in his heart that online poker is OK but won’t actively support it right now—and none of us can read his mind, so we really don’t know what he supports and what he doesn’t—he’s not supporting anything unless he comes right out and says so.

He’s in a political campaign, so it’s probably in his best interest to be mushy on issues that can probably cost him votes but not gain him any, and I understand that. But President Obama’s doing what politicians have done since time began.  He’s dancing around both sides of an issue by saying nothing and allowing everyone to read whatever they’d like into the tea leaves. This is not what I call support.  It’s merely tap dancing.

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