If these Card Look Different, It’s Because they Are

by Lou on May 31, 2007

If you think there’s nothing new under the poker-playing sun, look again. The cards have changed. Really.

Bicycle, the world’s largest maker of playing cards, will roll out their new Bicycle Pro “PokerPeek” playing card at the 2007 World Series of Poker. PokerPeek is a new design that allows players to see their hole cards without having to lift the card corners very high when checking to see whether they’ve been dealt A-A or 7-2.
According to Rob Clendening, Bicycle Brand Manager. “Bicycle Pro with PokerPeek is the first significant face style change for playing cards in decades. The card itself also delivers technical superiority and the highest quality paper card suitable for professionals, now available to anyone who is serious about the game.”

Well, it’s not quite that innovative. I thought the four-color deck was a cool innovation, but it came crashing down in failure. I like the idea of the PokerPeek innovation, but I haven’t played with them yet. I’ll give you my impressions after I do.

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